Super Dance Online-Season 2 Summer Passion

Friday, January 21, 2011

About Super Dance Online Summer Passion 2

SDO-X is a place where you can enjoy fantastic dance to the beat. It is an online dance game where everyone can enjoy great dance with simple key inputs.

You can compete with friends or come up with your own perfect choreography and all you need is the direction keys to go! With cool moves following the beat, it's all about dance and music.

In SDO-X you will find variety of songs ranging from soft ballads to heavy metal, English; Chinese and Malay. It also gives players an opportunity to experience different kinds of song composed by professional musicians. These are among the things that distinguish SDO-X from other music games. It is truly unique in every sense. It is also the one and only online dance game that connects with our dancing pad. Isn't it great?

SDO-X allows users to compete with players or perform as a group. As the players progress and improve they earn levels and rankings, this make SDO-X an ideal game of friendly competition.

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